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I am an ultra runner and cyclist. For recovery and building my endurance i require special diet which is has to be mix of carb and protein that is easily digestible and is quick in refueling my muscles. I have been taking whey protein for last few years but...    read more

Lean Strawberry Flavor - Pea Protein
Shshank Pundir
Gurgaon, India
Shshank Pundir

I opted to consume Unived’s CalDveg to maintain my calcium levels and also raise my D3 levels. I find immense merit in this product as they use an Algal source of Calcium offering 86% absorption as opposed to the conventional synthetic sources such as calci...    read more

CalDveg - Calcium+D3+K2-7
Deepa Nandy (Nutritionist)
Mumbai, India
Deepa Nandy

We are all aware of the need for a 4:1 Carb to Protein supplementation soon after a workout to minimise muscle damage and boost recovery but have always found it hard to manage this conveniently. RRUNN (Post) is a life saver.   

RRUNN Post Box
Ashok Nath
Bangalore, India
Ashok Nath
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