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I have used this product. Excellent plant based Vitamin D3 product. Easily absorbed in body. This supplement will now be permanent feature in my diet. I will recommend this to all Vegans. The company should consider making high strength 2000, 5000, 10000 I.U. packs also. This will be convenient for users and save cost also.Regards,Rajeev Jain
I have tried D-veg - 2500 I.U. Plant Based Vitamin D3 & CalDveg - Calcium+D3+K2-7 - 60 capsules just with my first pill of CalDveg & D-veg - 2500 I.U. my shoulder and back ache (severely aching from last 3 months) has vanished in 1 single day, really unbelievable for me.... thanks a lot, I would like to see D-veg - 2500 I.U being prescribed by practicing Orthopedists / General Prac
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Chandrakant Shah PUNE, India
In November 2015, my Vit D levels plummeted to "4". I was urgently put on supplementation. However, given the fact that I have a number of food intolerances and difficulty absorbing nutrients, traditional supplementation did not work for me. I came across Unived and given that the products are both plant based and vegan, decided to give it a try. Within a month of consuming the Dveg supplement,  my
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Kanika Bhandari Bangalore, Karnataka
The only VIT D supplement with which I was able to see immediate symptom improvements from... Definitely recommend this over any tablets from the local medical shop... I put a squeeze of this everymorning and eat it with my idli...
Mango Aadmi Coimbatore, India
Well I am a naturopathy follower so I never take any allopathy medicine. Me, My wife and my both kids were tested for severe Vitamin D deficiency. I looked out for plant based vegetarian options on google and after alot of efforts I found UNIVED. After 3 months of regular 2 times consumption we all recovered from deficiency levels. Thanks to Unived to provide such a holistic Vegetarian option for people
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Ashu Goyal Lucknow, India
I started using Unived's D3 supplement after blood tests revealed that I have a huge Vitamin D deficiency. I took 3 scoops of D3 every day for 90 continuous days and my Vitamin D shot up from 5.3 ng/ml to 30.19 ng/ml.
Gautam Pothineni Hyderabad, India
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