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Fybur - High Fiber Soup

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Our naturopaths have a revolutionary breakthrough - Fybur. A low calorie, high fiber soup that lowers cholesterol, regulates sugar, manages weight and relieves constipation. Each serving has 5 grams activated fiber and less than 9 calories.

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At Unived, we are always working towards innovative ways to bring you health and happiness. Let us tell you the story of how Fybur came about. It began with the thought of making health simple, fun and tasty!

Much intensive research, endless tasting sessions and numerous design hours later Unived's expert naturopaths engineered a breakthrough health food - Fybur. A soup that lowers cholesterol regulates sugar and manages weight.

Fybur is to be consumed 20 minutes before a major meal. Each serving of Fybur has 5 grams of activated soluble & insoluble fibers. When consumed, these fibers blot and form a gel like substance. This offers satiety and supports weight management. When you eat your meal, sugars are released and cholesterol is produced. The activated fibers, bind the sugars reversibly and the cholesterol irreversibly. As they pass down the intestine - the pH level changes from 3 to 8.6 - and with this gradual change in PH, the fibers gradually release the sugar, preventing a sudden peak in sugar levels (post-prandial sugar peak). The cholesterol, however, is irreversibly bound and thus is not released, instead it is removed from your system. These fibers also add bulk to your stool - relieving constipation. 

Fiber is after all a pertinent part of your daily nutrition. What can be better than a wholesome high fiber soup! This innovative and hearty fiber supplement completes your meal and helps fulfill your daily nutrition quota. 

  • Fybur contains charged soluble and insoluble fibers – The right combination to improve your health.
  • Fybur has clinically proven benefits – Clinically tested ingredients that lower your sugar, cholesterol and weight.
  • Fybur's calorie content is close to nil – less than 9 Kcal.
  • Fybur is high in supplementary fiber – Gain more than 5 grams per serving.
  • Fybur is natural and safe – Made with natural and nutritious ingredients.
  • Fybur is vegetarian and vegan friendly – Contains the goodness of healthy vegetarian/vegan sources.
  • Fybur has no junk whatsoever – No preservatives. No artificial flavors.
  • Fybur comes in the well-loved tangy tomato flavor - Sprinkled with our secret blend of spices & condiments. 

Therapeutic dosages

5 grams activated soluble & insoluble fiber per serving which are beneficial for weight management, diabetes, and cholesterol. 

Fybur is

Healthy & yummy

The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends a daily fiber intake of 40 gm/2000kcal. Two servings of  Fybur take care of 25%, letting your healthy diet take care of the rest. Fybur is delightfully low in calories too! Less than 9 calories per serving, 8.78 to be precise.

Of course good health is lost on most, unless it comes with the taste it deserves. So we're presenting a great tasting soup with the natural tanginess of tomato, sprinkled with the spunk of coriander leaves, cumin, and a secret blend of spices & condiments.

Natural & safe 

Our mantra is all natural! And, that's just what Fybur is - all health and no junk.

Fybur stands out from the rest, as it's free of bad stuff like artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients. Every helping brings you all natural, safe and vegan friendly goodness. 


Making Fybur is quick and easy. Just Empty one sachet in a cup, add 150ml of hot water and stir.

This way you can even carry a sachet to work!


There's nothing like a cup of tasty soup. And, there's nothing like Fybur. Don't wait for a rainy day; make your cup, everyday!

Of course, to experience the best health benefits, have Fybur 15 minutes before your lunch, dinner or any major meal. So that when you have your meal the fibers are ready to work on your food and digestion. Not to miss the warmth and wholesomeness soothing your throat and settling in your tummy.

Try it. We insist.  

What's in Fybur

Fybur is inspired by the irreplaceable role that fiber occupies in a balanced and healthy life. With five grams of a healthful mix of soluble and insoluble active fibers per serving, this fiber rich soup offers you so much more than just improved digestion.  

Soluble and insoluble fibers

A balanced mix of natural ingredients in Fybur prevent fatal diseases and boost your health in the long run. A combined action of soluble and insoluble fibers help by improving digestion, protect your body from ill-effects of lifestyle excesses and shortcomings and contribute to your overall well-being.

Clinically proven ingredients

Each serving of Fybur contains 5 grams of active fibers that make your soup a high fiber source. Different from the dietary fibers in your food, its charged fibers are characterized with specifically enhanced health benefits.

Fybur contains natural non-soluble wheat fibers that remain undigested. These show h4 effects on satiety and weight management.[1]

The natural soy fiber in Fybur can deliver beneficial actions associated with controlled sugar levels, lower cholesterol and constipation relief.[1]

Natural and vegan ingredients

Adding good taste to good health, Fybur comes in the natural, tangy and well-loved tomato flavor. Coriander, cumin, and our secret blend of spices & condiments leave your mouth watering for more!

Fybur is a 100% vegetarian food product and is suitable for vegans as well as Jains. 


The modern diet is deficient in fiber and more than sufficient in sugar, fatty foods, animal products, refined cereal and so on.[2] Such dietary shortcomings and a sedentary lifestyle bring on a rush of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.[3]

A daily intake of the right source of fiber, in the right quantity, will empower you to effectively combat these diseases. And Fybur is just that! It's a great tasting tomato soup, armed with super-fibers that will send these diseases running!

Fybur lowers your serum cholesterol

  • Facilitates healthy cholesterol management
  • Lowers serum LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  • Helps eliminate LDL cholesterol
  • Helps eliminate triglycerides
  • Can reduce cholesterol production
  • May help prevent heart attack and stroke

An important action of Fybur is that it reduces absorption of fat and LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol gets irreversibly bound to the viscous fibers, once they are in your intestine, and is carried out of your body.  Fiber also interacts with the bile acids responsible for producing cholesterol and eliminates it.[2]

  • High fiber intake has been associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease.[4]
  • A greater excretion of bile acids contributes to the lowering of cholesterol.[5]  
  • Fiber can help in reducing cholesterol and acts as a hypocholesterolemic agent, which aids in dietary management of CVDs.[6]

Regulates your sugar levels

  • Slows down sugar absorption
  • Prevents rise in blood glucose levels
  • Controls post prandial sugar peaks
  • May improve glucose tolerance in diabetics

Whenever you eat, sugars from the food are released during digestion. The active fibers in your soup bind these released sugars and prolong their absorption. As the fiber passes down through your 22 feet intestine, the pH level slowly changes from 3 to 8.6 and the sugar is gradually released for absorption. This effectively prevents a sudden peak in blood sugar levels after a major meal (post-prandial peak), thereby protecting all diabetic patients from the resultant ill-effects. Your post prandial sugar peak is thus controlled, making you more glucose tolerant. Fiber also increases insulin efficacy and sensitivity.[7] 

  • Non-absorbable fiber has proven useful in glycemic (blood sugar) control in type I and type II diabetes.[6]
  • (Soy) Fiber has a favorable effect on the rise of postprandial glycaemia in type II diabetes.[8]
  • Several clinical trials have indicated that moderate increases in fiber intake are associated with improved fasting glycaemia and insulinemia (insulin levels) and increased insulin sensitivity for persons without diabetes.[8]

Fybur helps manage weight

  • Brings satiety
  • Reduces appetite
  • Helps cut calories
  • Beneficial in weight management
  • Can help prevent obesity

Once consumed, the active fibers in your soup bloat up so that you experience satiety. This enables you to cut calories. Overeating is a commonly observed behavior, also induced by stress, and most of us often fall prey to it. Have Fybur before your meals and its super fibers will prevent you from overeating. Instead, eat the right healthful amounts you need to feel good every day.

  • Fiber may reduce your hunger, which reduces your food intake and contributes to weight loss.[8]  
  • High intakes of fiber may help prevent weight gain in the waist circumference.[4

Fybur relieves constipation

  • Adds bulk to your stool
  • Can improve stool movement in the colon
  • Improves frequency of bowel movements
  • Relieves constipation
  • Can prevent bowel disorders

Fybur is enriched with super fibers that remain undigested and have the tendency to absorb water and act as 'bulking agent'. It enables the food to move faster in the intestines. It relieves you of constipation by adding weight to and softening your stools.

  • Several research initiatives and clinical studies indicate fiber's properties to relieve constipation by adding bulk which helps it move faster through the intestines.[9]
  • Fiber brings about speedier transit of foods in the GI tract and reduces the retention time of feces in the colon.[10]


Why do I need fibers?

Is fybur a dietary supplement or soup?

Fybur is a dietary supplement in the form of soup high in fiber. Each sachet of Fybur contains more than 5 grams of soluble and insoluble fibers that help reduce your cholesterol and control your sugar levels. It also helps you manage your weight and relieves constipation. 

I already consume enough fiber in my diet. Do I need Fybur?

Dietary fiber sources such as cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and provide you with enough nutritional content. But Fybur is different from dietary sources. It is a direct source with a ready mix of soluble and insoluble fibers. These are charged fibers, made to address the specific health concerns of cholesterol, blood sugar and weight management. Fybur as a singular and rich source of fiber can help improve your health, every day. Each sachet of Fybur contains a concentrated dose of 5gms of fiber.

The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends a daily fiber intake of 40gm/2000kcal. By consuming two servings of Fybur you satisfy 25% if your daily recommended fiber intake, letting your healthy diet take care of the rest Fybur is delightfully low in calories too!

What is the calorie content of Fybur?

Fybur is incredibly low in calories - as low as 8.78 calories. A negligible amount when you consider that an average person may consume approximately 2000kcal in a day, depending on his/her lifestyle. 

Is Fybur suitable for vegans? 

Fybur contains all natural vegetarian/vegan ingredients. It is free from animal derived ingredients and cruelty. Nor does it contain any artificial preservatives or flavoring.

How is Fybur different from other healthy soups? 

'Healthy' soups available in the market are purely commercial products stuffed with preservatives and artificial flavors. They barely have any actual health benefits, if at all. They may give you momentary relief from hunger in desperate times and serve no other purpose.

Fybur on the other hand is actually a dietary supplement. Rich in soluble and insoluble fibers, it is made to help reduce your cholesterol and sugar levels and aid weight loss. It comes in the delectable and tangy tomato flavor.

What does Fybur contain?

Fybur contains a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers that reduce your bad cholesterol, regulate sugar levels and aid weight loss. The fibers in this soup are charged with active fibers that bind with the sugar and cholesterol from the food you consume and further their elimination from your body.

How does Fybur work?

The active fibers in your soup swell up in your stomach to give you a feeling of satiety. They further bind the sugar from the food you consume, which plays a major role in inhibiting the intestinal digestion of sugar. As the fibers move down along your intestine and the pH levels change the sugar is slowly released for absorption. This slows down the absorption of sugar during digestion thus controlling the post prandial sugar peaks.

The active fibers also bind cholesterol and bile acids irreversibly, and eliminate them through excretion.  This protects your heart from the ill-effects of bad cholesterol and can also reduce further production of cholesterol by eliminating bile acids form your body.

Fybur also adds bulk to your stools, shortens their transit time in the colon and relieve you of constipation.

Can Fybur reduce my cholesterol levels?

Yes. The charged fibers in Fybur bind (or adsorbs) irreversibly the cholesterol from the food you consume. This way the cholesterol is not absorbed in the intestine and is instead excreted out of your body. Moreover, the bile acids, responsible for producing cholesterol, also get attached to viscous fibers' surface and are eliminated through excretion.

How does Fybur help reduce my blood sugar levels?

The fibers in Fybur soup will help you reduce your blood sugar by actively binding sugars prior to digestion. As these fibers move along the intestinal tract and the pH changes, the sugars get released slowly for absorption. Thus by slowing down the process of sugar absorption, the charged fibers in Fybur will avert postprandial sugar peak and as a result avoid insulin peak. In the long run, Fybur will aid in maintaining a steady chart of sugar absorption, reducing your dependence on medication in case of diabetics and otherwise helps prevent occurrence of the disease in non-diabetics.

How can fiber contribute to weight loss?

When you have your Fybur soup before your meal, the fibers in it swell up to give you a feeling of satiety. So that you will eat less, thus managing your diet and hence your weight. Fybur is a supportive factor in obesity treatment.


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Unived’s Fybur is a great addition to my clients’ diet. It's an excellent, easy and healthy way to add fiber in their daily meal regimen, especially for my clients that are on the go.
Zarna Shah  (Clinical Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist & Lifestyle Counselor)  Mumbai, India
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